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SIU Insurance Defense


Providing independent claims investigation, including: initial claim intake, interviewing claimants and witnesses, conducting independent surveys of accident sites, providing detailed claim investigation, field surveillance, skip tracing, service of process, and other risk management and administrative tasks in support of the claim investigation.

Private Investigation


APL investigators provide more than just field surveillance. All claimants undergo detailed background checks and social media monitoring.  Our goal is to skip trace, locate, and ascertain as much information as possible regarding the subject and their activities, and to use this information to make informed surveillance plans that will document the subject to best aid the clients goals.


Security Services


Armed security and Unarmed Security services have been utilized by a variety of corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies, international hotel chains, regional distribution centers, high profile special events, conferences and concerts, and other corporate clients. We provide uniformed security officers and plain clothes security for a variety of needs.



Our private investigators specialize in field surveillance, and are armed with the latest cutting edge technology.  Long lenses and discrete hidden cameras allow them access to the subject like never before.  Investigators can remain discrete and undetectable while capturing video of subjects participating in a variety of activities.

Government Security Contracting


Our Government Security experience includes uniformed security officers for a variety of government contracts at the local, regional and national level, including site security for government buildings and government property, as well as high trafficked tourist destinations.

Bodyguards & Executive Protection


Our EP bodyguard team has provided close personal protection for A list celebrities, high net worth individuals, high profile executives, diplomats, world leaders, presidential candidates on the campaign trail, and others requiring bodyguards and personal security.

Unmanned Mobile Cameras


Our custom made inventory of hidden cameras are  discrete, wireless, and disguised to look like normal objects.  We make these in house, so they are ONLY available here! This innovative solution allows for unmanned surveillance and 24/7 camera monitoring, including remote view in real time, as well as long life battery and motion activated alerts.

Rapid Response Security


Our unique rapid response team has deployed security officers following every major national disaster since Hurricane Katrina, and is often on the ground alongside first responders. We have secured medical facilities, retail establishments, and volunteer headquarters, allowing them to remain operational and safe during the chaotic days following a disaster.

High Threat Security Solutions


Amidst some one the most hostile civil unrest in the world, our specialized risk management security team has provided high threat security solutions to discerning clientele. The team has conducted high threat extractions, provided armed security guards during high heated international conflicts, and successfully completed other high risk security operations in the USA and abroad.

Professional Consultation


With experience managing hundreds of intelligence operations, our management team is available for custom security consultation, investigation consultation, risk assessment, and individualized security assessments and recommendations.  Founder and COO Donna Smith has appeared on the national media circuit and has provided commentary on Fox News, MSNBC, NBC News, and CBS News, as well as Orlando FL News outlets.

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