Criminal Defense Investigators

If you’re facing criminal charges in Chicago your future is on the line. The best way to protect that future is by asserting a strong and persuasive defense.

While it may not be necessary in all criminal matters, you may want to consider having your attorney work with an experienced criminal investigator.

Why Should I Hire a Private Criminal Investigator?

A thorough investigation into your alleged crime will be crucial to the success of your defense. Attorneys are often well-equipped to handle minor investigative matters. However, if your case is particularly complicated, your defense can benefit from the expertise of a licensed investigator. The investigator plays a crucial role in your defense and helps to guide your attorney’s legal arguments. Many times, the smallest details can make or break a case. Hiring an investigator to uncover that seemingly-minor detail could be the key to your future.

What Does a Criminal Defense Investigator Do?

The criminal investigator working on your defense has one goal in mind: find information that supports your defense. A defense can be unsuccessful if there are missing links in an argument. Your investigator’s job is to find those missing links.

Today, private investigators have access to some of the most powerful investigative tools and databases in the world. These tools, which were once only available for use by law enforcement officers, allow us to uncover incredible details about your case. We sort through our results until we find names, dates, locations, property, vehicles, or anything else that may be relevant to your defense. We use the results of our investigation to connect the dots and support your defense.

A good investigator will also have established lines of communication with local law enforcement officials. Everyone working on a criminal case should be fighting to uncover the truth. In some cases, both sides have to be able to work together to discover that truth. At All Pro Legal services, our investigators understand the value of the relationship with law enforcement. We are often able to gain additional insight into a case by using this relationship.

Finding the Best Criminal Investigator For Your Case

While any reputable investigator can add value to your criminal defense, you will want to find the investigator who is the best fit for your case. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a criminal defense investigator:

  • Experience: You’ll probably want to look for an investigator who has experience handling cases similar to yours. For example, if you’re accused of fraud you’ll want to look for an investigator who (1) has relevant experience dealing with fraud-related cases and (2) knows what to look for in a criminal fraud matter. Investigators may be more comfortable working in one area of the law than another. It’s important to find an investigator who knows the area of criminal law relevant to your case.
  • License: Hire an investigator who has a verified license and is in good standing with the state of Illinois.
  • Reputation: Choose an investigator who has a reputation for being private, thorough, detailed, and transparent. You can check reviews online, ask friends and family for advice, or even reach out to your lawyer for help.

Are you thinking about hiring a private criminal defense investigator? Contact All Pro Legal Services to learn more about our criminal investigative services.