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High Profile Executive Protection


Immediately after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a group of US Missionaries were arrested on charges of kidnapping a group of Haitian children. In reality, custody of the children had been relinquished freely by their parents, however the missionaries received disdain and notoriety as Haitian officials pegged them as kidnappers and child traffickers. The group was jailed in Haiti with international notoriety. APS was hired by a private benefactor who feared for the lives of the Missionaries upon their release from jail in Haiti. This benefactor requested that we extract the Missionaries from Haiti and provide their protection throughout. This presented as a challenge because there were no commercial flights to or from the island due to extensive damage to the airport and runways. However, in less than 12 hours, APS was able to arrange for the Missionaries release from jail, provide their protection while awaiting transportation in Haiti, and provide their safe return to Miami, FL.



"...at the time, no one knew the real story, that these were nice church ladies trying to save children from starvation after the earthquake. The press vilified them, but your company remained objective and worked tirelessly to remove them from the dangerous situation, and get them home safe.."



Civil War Protection in Libya In August 2011, rebels in Libya rose up against the Dictator Gaddafi. Some of the press covering the event had been staying in the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli due to the superior vantage point from the upper level rooms. The journalists could literally film and file their reports from their hotel balconies or the hotel roof, with a clear visual of the fighting below. The Gaddafi government became aware of this and invaded the Rixos, cutting power to the building and holding the journalists hostage. Our client, The ** Hotel, a nearby hotel who also provided rooms for the national press, became aware of the situation at the Rixos and feared they would be next. They requested armed guards to secure the hotel and hotel property. We deployed an independent guard force, and stationed armed guards throughout the hotel and hotel grounds, preventing a hostile take over during an active civil war. Our men stood guard at The Hotel until the crisis was over. Due to our superior security service, the hotel was chosen as the preferred venue of the United Nations for housing UN delegates and UN personnel responding to the conflict. "...when our neighbors became a target in the war, we feared we would be next. Thankfully, you secured our perimeter and kept our guests safe.."    



National Disaster Security


APS has a multi-state disaster security contract with **, a national provider of medical services, specifically kidney dialysis centers. When a catastrophic EF5 multiple-vortex tornado struck Joplin, Missouri (USA) in 2011, ** called us for armed guards. 2 of their 3 Joplin area facilities had been destroyed by the tornado, 1 facility remained partially intact, running on generators and lacking security of any kind. With civil unrest and looting nearby, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical machines inside their own facilities, ** feared unauthorized entry resulting in damage or theft.  Within 90 minutes, our uniformed, armed disaster security guards were on-site, providing assistance at the remaining facility. While vandals and looters stole thousands of dollars worth of medical machines nearby, our client's facilities remained secure. Our Disaster Security Force monitored all entrances and ensured medical equipment remained safe and intact, allowing ** to continue providing life saving kidney dialysis, despite loosing power and their alarm system.


"..kidney failure doesn't wait for the power to come back on! Thanks to your dedicated disaster guards, we were able to keep the doors open and provide dialysis for our medically fragile clients, despite this awful tragedy.."




 High Threat Termination & Security


J.S., a supervisor at a Fortune 500 company, noticed a severe decline in one of his employees morale and productivity. Due to the employees existing work contract, the company called APL to conduct an objective investigation.  After a thorough investigation, APL was able to document the employees non-work related activities, but most notable APL uncovered evidence of the employee making intentional mistakes to harm the company, and even personal threats against co-workers. APL found evidence of the employee's recent firearm purchase and newly issued concealed weapons permit. Armed APS security guards were on hand at the time of his termination to ensure a smooth and safe exit procedure.


"..You proved *** was plotting against us. Thanks to your swift and thorough intelligence, we were able to terminate him before the situation escalated into a workplace shooting.."


SIU & Insurance Investigation


T.P., a Central Florida claims rep was having trouble locating a workers comp claimant.  Previous surveillance attempts were unsuccessful, and the claims rep feared they would have to pay the workers comp claim. Then, they heard about APL. Not only did APL find the claimant, investigators obtained over 10 hours of surveillance video, including undercover footage of the supposedly bed-ridden claimant moonlighting as a roofer.


"..thank you for the perfect job you did on the *** case.  Your photographs and report were the best I have ever seen. We will be contacting you for ALL of our difficult cases in the future.."

Missing Child Recovery


W.P., the father of a four year old girl, was immersed in a bitter custody battle, when his ex-wife disappeared with their child. The police searched locally for the girl, but said there was little they could do without a court issued custody agreement. Heartbroken and desperate, W.P. and his attorney contacted APL. In less than 24 hours, APL was able to locate the missing child and her mother, at the home of the mother's new internet boyfriend, a registered sexual predator, who resided in a neighboring state. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of APL investigators, the kidnapped child was safely returned to the father, while the mothers boyfriend was arrested for the parole violation caused by the girls mere presence in his home.


"..your investigation found my daughter in the house of a monster, I thank God you found her before something unthinkable happened.."



Counterfeit Drug Investigation & Surveillance


**, a pharmaceutical company, became aware of counterfeit drugs being sold on the black market. Fearing potential legal liability and harm to the brand's reputation, the company contacted APL to investigate. APL was able to identify individuals who were distributing the counterfeits, locate warehouses storing them, and identify the location of the lab producing the counterfeits. The evidence APL obtained was enough to cease the production of the counterfeit drugs, and launch a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the individuals involved.


"..our Director of Security told us this was impossible. Clearly, he's never met you! Thank you for doing the impossible and getting this garbage off the street.."


Disappearing Product


R.L. is the owner of a distribution company that sells dry chemicals and other commodoties. Recently, thieves had been breaking into the shipping yard and stealing chemicals from containers and warehouse shelves. The company could not determine how the chemicals were being stolen, and more importantly, how to recover the stolen product. After accepting the case, APL discovered a major security breech in the perimiter of the property, and took video surveillance of the thieves red handed. Unique GPS trackers lead investigators (and the police) directly to the stolen property. In addition, APS conducted a thorough security consultation and devised a professional security strategy to protect the location from future attacks.


"..no one could figure out how (the thieves) were getting in, or where our product was going. Thanks to you, the mystery is solved- we recovered our stolen goods and we now have an ironclad security plan.."




 Cheating Husband/ Cheating Wife Investigation


After 12 years of marriage, A.R. noticed her husband's business trips were becoming more and more frequent. While he was away, her husband rarely called and when he did, he spoke only briefly and seemed distracted and distant. She suspected he was cheating, and hired APL to confirm her suspicions. APL discovered the husband's double life, and documented his exotic vacations with his pretty, younger traveling companion. Investigators also documented evidence of the husband hiding assets and slowly transferring assets to his mistress.


"..thanks to your investigation, I could prove *** was cheating on me, making our prenuptual agreement null and void. Every time I enjoy my new beach house, I'm reminded of your detailed surveillance video.."



 Internal Theft Investigation


Z.C., a local building contractor, noticed his material costs had increased dramatically. His company was spending more and more at the supply house, yet his workflow was fairly normal. He suspected vandals were stealing materials from his construction site, and he hired APL to get to the bottom of it. He was shocked when he learned one of his employees was stealing the materials! APL was able to obtain video evidence of the dishonest employee moving the materials to a storage facility, and find evidence of the employee selling the materials to competitors online. Z.C. now uses APL's legal services to screen new employees, and APS construction security guards to secure job sites overnight.


"...the investigation and surveillance you conducted saved my company over 100K. *** was stealing from us, and you found him and recovered our profit for the year.."


 Celebrity Bodyguard


** is a well known starlet and actress, who had been receiving unsettling messages from a dangerous stalker. The starlet's handlers contacted APS to provide 24/7 bodyguard service and a private security detail for her Disney vacation. APS was able to discretely provide protection while she vacationed with her family, as well as prevent unwanted attention from paparazzi. Once the stalker was arrested, APS continued to provide bodyguards for public appearances and red carpet events.


"..thank you so much for keeping us safe. I can't remember the last time I could enjoy time with my family without being afraid for our safety. Your bodyguards were always aware of our surroundings, but were still discrete and didn't scare my children.."



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