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Native American owned private investigation agency
All Pro Legal is the only Super 8(a) investigations agency in the country

A Proven Track Record


All Pro Legal is a private investigations firm specializing in SIU insurance claims investigation and surveillance. The firm was founded in 2004 by SIU industry expert Donna Smith, who continues to manage the firm.


While Donna and her hand picked team of executives continue to direct the daily operations of the agency, a majority percentage of the private investigation firm was purchased in 2016 by The Corporate Nation, the business arm of The Catawba Indian Nation, a federally chartered Native American tribe.


Partnering with the tribe means rapid growth for the agency, making All Pro Legal the only tribally owned investigation agency in the country, and enabling All Pro Legal to fulfill diversity vendor set asides.  The agency's Super 8(a) accreditation is currently pending.


Aside from the many benefits of doing business with a federally recognized diversity vendor, clients can expect a superior level of quality from the agency's well trained and experienced private investigators.  The executive team alone boasts a collective 100+ years of investigative experience in the investigation and intelligence industry.


Learn more about doing business with tribally owned companies.


Learn more about the Catawba people and the Catawba Indian Nation.


Learn more about what makes All Pro Legal the superior choice for Orlando SIU claims investigators.



Executive Team


All Pro Legal specializies in insurance investigationa nd provides private investigators
claims investigation in connection with insurance fraud investigations and insurance SIU
providing assistance to SIU teams and risk managers by reducing insurance fraud
investigations and surveillance for insurance claims
investigations and surveillance for insurance claims
investigations and surveillance for insurance claims

Thomas Trimnal



Thomas Trimnal is a native Catawba citizen, raised on the Catawba reservation in South Carolina, where he took an interest in tribal business activities from a young age. Thom has been a Board member of The Corporate Nation, the business arm of The Catawba Indian Nation, since it's inception, where he has been a driving force in diversifying the tribe's business interests and developing new business opportunities.


In addition, Thom is a successful international businessman with experience managing complex projects and overseeing teams of employees in the USA and China.  He owns a medical supply company that distributes products to 28 countries, and is a leader in innovative device design and manufacturing.  He regularly travels to China, Singapore, and Hong Kong to oversee operations and distribution.


Thom's experience in different industries and ability to utilize transferable management skills make him an asset to the overall growth and development of All Pro Legal.




Lloyd Green



Lloyd Green hails from the UK where he was born and raised.  He is a retired UK attorney, who, at just 32 years old, became one of the youngest Senior Partners of his own personal injury and insurance law firm.  Lloyd's exceptional business acumen meant that he grew his law firm throughout the entirety of the UK, whilst at the same time setting up the largest accident management company based in Scotland, in addition to founding investigation and medical reporting companies too.  Upon relocating to the United States, Lloyd sold the law firm to a large company that encompasses a broad spectrum of law and which also has an international legal presence.


Since settling in Florida, Lloyd has become involved with several US based business opportunities, focusing primarily on utilizing his skills to build companies and help them achieve their full potential.  Since joining All Pro Legal, Lloyd has been instrumental in taking the company forward and spearheading new business opportunities, including the deal which saw All Pro Legal become the only tribally owned investigations company throughout the US.  Lloyd's wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the past 25 years in business will ensure that All Pro Legal becomes a national staple within the industry.




Donna Smith



Donna Smith founded All Pro Legal in 2004, capitalizing on her 20+ years of experience as a Private Investigator specializing in insurance investigations.  Donna has managed operations for SIU investigations throughout the southeast and brings an abundance of industry experience.  During her tenure at a major investigative firm, she increased revenue from 2,000,000 to 20,000,000 in an 18 month period, while simultaneously implementing higher standards of quality for the regional team of investigators she managed on a daily basis.


In addition, Donna has provided investigation and security consultation and commentary on the national media circuit, appearing on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and local Orlando, FL area news programs.  Donna continues to oversee operations of All Pro Legal from Orlando, FL, where she personally vets each and every investigator employed by the agency.




Joann Laing

Director of Investigations


Joann Laing began her career in Law Enforcement, transitioning into Investigations early on in her career. She collectively has 18 years of military police and civilian police experience, as well as field investigation experience. Joann was a detective and Task Force Officer for the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Offender Task Force/Child Predator Unit. She is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Navy as a Security Forces Specialist/ Military Police Officer. Throughout her career, Joann was responsible for the investigation and surveillance of subjects related to high profile cases involving sex crimes, money laundering/racketeering, homicide, and facial recognition cases. With experience in quickly locating and apprehending some of the country's most evasive subjects, Joann brings a fresh perspective to intelligence and investigations operations.



David Long, Jr.

Director of Security


David Long, Jr. is a graduate of the University of Alabama, and holds a Master’s degree. David is a veteran of the U S Marine Corps. David’s career started in local law enforcement in Alabama for 8 years, working in Street Interdiction Units and Vice. David has 15+ years working as a Private Investigator and as an Operations Manager, working and managing numerous Insurance and SIU Investigations all across the United States. David also brings 15 years of working in various venues of Security. David has a vast amount of experience as an Executive Protection Specialist, while protecting celebrities, sports figures, and diplomats. David’s wealth of knowledge and experience will assist All Pro Legal in becoming an industry leader in Security.





Jessi Smith

Director of Business Development


Jessi Smith has a background in business development for both nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and was the owner of a successful small business specializing in concierge business development services and branding.  As such, she re-branded All Pro Legal in 2010, and went on to assist founder Donna Smith full time with the management, direction and operation of the business.  During that time, she learned every aspect of the business from the ground up, while simultaneously helping to increase revenue, increase client retention and help the business set and meet achievable goals.  In addition, Jessi has a background in photography and experience in SIU video editing, storage and management.




Bennett “Sandy” Masin

Director of Technology

Sandy brings 30+ years of experience in the field of information technology. He has a diverse background in both government and corporate settings, with extensive experience in instructional and enterprise computing, as well as telecommunications. Previously, Sandy served in key senior roles as an IT Program Manager servicing government contracts involving the White House, Pentagon, NASA, Department of Education and Department of Energy as well as large scale programs with AT&T, Tech Data and EDS.





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